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• 11/27/2017

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• 4/6/2016

Map Ideas

Post your map ideas here skrubs. K
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• 3/27/2016

Model Creation - Payouts

Alright so unlike in the past nowadays people tend to want payouts for models so this is just a suggestion as to a possible way of paying people for models that meet the pax standard and are accepted by SRG.
3 Models - Random Shiny ( Non-Legend )
5 Models - Picks Shiny ( Non-Legend )
10 Models - Picks Shiny Legendary 
20 Models - Personal ( Weak ) - Low/Normal HP but stronger then normal attacks
20-25 - Personal ( Strong ) - Strong in HP but attacks are not OP
30-49 - Personal ( Unbeatable ) - This is about the strength of Void Jirachi in pax12
50 Model - All in-game Shinies ( Regular and Legend )
100 Model - All in-game Characters ( Shinies, Personals, etc )

Assuming Personals are not allowed in-game then 
same style just shinies or different pokemon as rewards.
Keep in mind this is just a suggested style for paying players who want payouts, not all will want it but if some do these can be those payouts.
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• 1/4/2016


Obviously, some abilities in the main games don't work well or at all in a game like PAX. In this case, it'd be best if we revised them to better suit its use in this game. When revising, keep in mind that there are 7 stats: HP, Atk, Sp. Atk, Def, Sp. Def, Atk Speed(how fast attacks go), and Travel Speed(how fast player can move).

Arena Trap/Shadow Tag: Attackers who attack a Pokemon with this ability and are within a certain range will be slowed down for a small amount of time.
Drizzle/Drought: An area of weather surrounds this Pokemon at anytime unless near another weather, which the area of weather will disappear until the nearby weather stops or if the Pokemon leaves that location.
Speed Boost: Atk Speed and Travel Speed rise(one level only) when successfully hitting a Pokemon with a move.
Anticipation: Pokemon with a super effective move against the Pokemon with this ability are marked with an exclamation mark.
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• 1/4/2016


In addition to all the starters from all six generations, these Pokemon should be starters as well. Each Pokemon represents its respective primary type(only one representative per type[fire/water/grass are discluded]) and has to be able to evolve, preferably more than once. Players can only choose up to three starters and their primary types must be different for each one.

Normal: Eevee
Electric: Pikachu
Ice: Vanillite
Bug: Scatterbug
Poison: Trubbish(?)
Fighting: Machop(?)
Flying: Tornadus duh
Rock: Roggenrola
Ground: Phanpy
Psychic: Solosis
Dark: Poochyena(?)
Ghost: Shuppet(?)
Steel: Klink
Dragon: Axew
Fairy: Flabebe
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• 5/27/2015

Mega Sunflora

My idea for mega Sunflora, his fluff describes him as being frantically active during the day so I wanted to make him a special sweeper with high special attack and speed stats.
I also decided to give him a unique type combination of Grass/Fire and gave him the ability drought to represent his affinity to the sun. Because Sunflora's stats are so low I found it necessary to upgrade his total base stats by 150 rater than the usual 100. Even then this places him as one of the weakest Mega Evolutions. Overall I wanted to create a fun unique pokemon that would be balanced in OU play and Monotype play.
Mega Sunflora:
Just to be clear I don't claim any ownership of that image. I was just inspired by it.
StatsHP:            75     75     +0Attack:       75     75     +0Defence:     55     85     +30Sp. Atk:      105   130    +25Sp. Def:       85     90     +5Speed:        30     120    +90Total:           425   575    +150
Ability: Drought
The following four moves will also be added to Sunfloras moveset to allow him to make use of his new fire typing:
Weather Ball, Heat Wave, Fiery Dance and Will O Wisp
Well that's it let me know what you think.
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• 4/17/2015

Pokemon World Rumble Mechanics

Been derping around on that PWR game for like the past week and it had me thinking that it would probably be a good idea to make some of the moves work the same as they do in that...
the maps for it aint too bad idea so those could be interesting for some spots
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• 4/7/2015


hrey kids, its been a while.
Today's topic is whether sizes should matter as much or not. What I'm trying to ask is whether or not you think it'd be a good idea to still make models have accurate heights. Pokemon like Squirtle and Charmander are only at around 1 feet tall, with even smaller ones such as Joltik being extremely tiny. When sizes get too small, they become too much of a pain to rig, animate, or even build.
Would you prefer a less strict rule on heights and sizes, where small Pokemon 2 feet/studs and under can be a littler bigger by 1 or 2 more feet/studs high? Or do you want accurate heights as they are now?
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• 2/26/2015

Pokemon Switching Removal and More

As the title says, freely switching Pokemon will be removed from the game. Too many unintended factors arise from this. The whole team mechanic will be revised. Instead of switching whenever you want, you must go to a PC to select a lead Pokemon, which you play for the remainder of the time you stay . If you faint, you can then switch. You are also limited to a party of four Pokemon instead of six(Not sure about this part).
In PvP, mainly organized matches, you can choose to set up a party of Pokemon. It becomes 1v1(if only 2 players battle each other) until you or the opponent faints, which is when the round ends and both opponent can choose to be another Pokemon.
Items such as Red Card will force the round to immediately in PvP, but nothing in PvE. Volt Switch, U-turn, etc. will not force any switching, and will act as regular attacks.
Got any ideas, suggestions, objections?
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• 2/22/2015

Getting back to work

Might as well make it official or whatever whatever. 
I'm going to promise, a promise signed with my blood and all that jazz, that I will become more active in my spare time when it comes to making models. However, I will only build things that I want to build, otherwise I'll have to force myself to do things which in turn will turn me off from building things which ultimately results in me taking yet another bloody hiatus. I don't know when or what, but I'll probably start with Skarmory.
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• 2/8/2015

Mega Luxray

HP 80
ATK 120
DEF 79
SPE 70
BST 523

HP 100 (+20)
ATK 180 (+60)
DEF 90 (+21)
SPATK 120 (+25)
SPDEF 90 (+21)
SPE 120 (+50)
BST 720 (+197)
SOOTHE: After releasing a lot of rage, the pokemon starts to calm down.
EFFECT: At the end of each turn one of the pokemons stats will fall (designed for pokemon super op)
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• 3/4/2015

Mega Kabutops + Mega Omastar

HP 60
ATK 115
DEF 105
SPE 80
BST 495
HP 65 (+5)
ATK 150 (+35)
DEF 120 (+15)
SPATK 5 (-60)
SPDEF 120 (50)
SPE 100 (+20)
BST 560 (+65)
Mega kabutops gets 2 extra claws on each hand and gets more spikes on its back. The croissant-like shape on its head turns into a semicircle shape and its color changes to red. Its shiny form is blue. Its physical attack animation is as simple as it going forward and slashing twice. Its special attack animation revolves around its eyes going crazy and the attack coming out of its mouth.
HP 70
ATK 60
DEF 125
SPE 55
BST 495
HP 70 (+0)
ATK 80 (+20)
DEF 140 (+15)
SPATK 150 (+35)
SPDEF 140 (+70)
SPE 35 (-20)
BST 560 (+65)
Mega omastars shell gets larger and spikier, which makes the reason for the ability iron barbs. It also turns brown and has the color of omastars shell scars on it. The Pokémon also gets much much more tentacles on its back. It also gets a white beard and has its hands crossed a lot, only separating when it uses a physical attack. When it uses a special attack, it roughly closes its eyes and the attack comes out of its shell, which opens when the attack is used.
The body turns dark blue and the shiny versions body is pink.
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• 2/2/2015

Mega Dunsparce

Type: Normal
HP: 100
ATK: 70
DEF: 70
SPE: 45
BASE: 415
Serene Grace
Run Away
new learnable moves: Dragon pulse, Dragon tail, Dragon Rush, Moonblast.
HP: 150 (+50)
ATK: 5 (-65)
DEF: 100 (+30)
SPATK: 150 (+85)
SPDEF: 100 (+35)
SPE: 150 (+105)
BASE: 655 (+240)
Item Shield: Defenses increase when an item is being held.

EFFECT: Special/Defense stats are increased by 20 when an Item is held That thing is scary o.o
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• 2/4/2015

Mega Jirachi

So I am a HUUUUUUGE fan of jirachi and I have recently designed a mega evolution for this ADORABLE thing. MEGA jirachi
Jirachis stats
HP: 100
ATK: 100
SPATK: 100
DEF: 100
SPD: 100
SPE: 100
Ability: Serene grace

MEGA jirachis stats
HP: 100
ATK: 120 (+20)
SPATK: 120 (+20)
DEF: 120 (+20)
SPD: 120 (+20)
SPE: 120 (+20)
Ability: Upon a star: Wish comes into effect as soon as it is used and healing wish cures status effects and maxes the pokemon it switched into's PP.
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• 1/24/2015

PAX Concept Reset

As of this announcement, PAX will be redone in that the game will be less complicated. The fear of players made be reconsider how the game should be. The goal here will be to make PAX less data-heavy and emphasize the focus on gameplay.
The following will be removed:

-Almost everything will be available from the start. "Almost" because some content may be unlockable, though I haven't decided on everything yet.
-The loading screen will be gone, or at least be faster. This will be good news to most of you who hate waiting. The purpose of the loading screen was to load data and data-related assets. With values for at least 1000 PC box slots and 600 bag item slots, it would lag a lot if it was all loaded immediately, forcing me to create a long loading screen. Now that most of those aren't needed however, expect less waiting.
-Removal of levels and exp. Every Pokemon will be as if they were level 100. Individual levels for each Pokemon obviously still requires massive data use, so removing leveling entirely would solve that. In the older versions of PAX, you may remember the single level stat that players had that increased even if the player doesn't do anything. That's not coming back either, of course. Instead, something similar to a ranking system will be created. More details about this will come in the future.
-With removals of features mentioned above, other things not mentioned will be removed/scrapped as a consequence: trading Pokemon, breeding, move tutors, anything involving evolution(not mega evolution though), and others that I can't name at the moment. These features weren't added/fully completed yet anyway, so not much is lost here, unless you were waiting for them with high hopes.

While features were removed, some will stay, such as: switching, exploration, missions/quests, certain shops, base building, items such as costumes, etc.
You can also still set up your team of Pokemon. The biggest difference between now and then will be that you can set up your Pokemon any way you like and save it as a "loadout" for future teambuilding use. Setting them up will be similar to how you set up Pokemon in the Pokemon battle simulator Pokemon Showdown. This will probably require some data use though. I'm not exactly sure how this will work out yet, but I'll keep thinking.
Since you'll have almost everything from the beginning, there won't be much incentive for fighting enemy Pokemon. To substitute sticker drops, costumes and other novelty items will drop instead. While they may use data and can disappear if a data wipe occurs, they aren't as key to the game as a whole box of hard-earned Pokemon would be.
In a way, PAX is sorta going back to its roots. The "rewarding" aspect of the game is lessened, but in turn gameplay would hopefully improve. Ideally, the game would become something you'd want to play because you want to have fun, like Super Smash Bros., rather than a game where you just want to grind for everything and be done with it.
If you have any ideas, concerns, or objections, post them here.
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• 1/23/2015

Mega Banette X

Pokemon: Banette
Type: Ghost
Ability: Insomnia/Frisk/Cursed Body
-Base Stats-           
Hp: 64                                
Attack: 115                         
Defense: 65                     
Sp.Attack: 83                 
Sp.Defense: 63               
Speed: 65                      
Total: 455

Pokemon: (Mega) Banette X
Type: Ghost/Psychic
Ability: Puppeteer

-Base Stats-           
Hp: 64                                
Attack: 136  ( 21+ )                       
Defense: 80  ( 15+ )                   
Sp.Attack: 140  (  47+ )                
Sp.Defense: 80 ( 17+ )               
Speed: 65                      
Total: 555

New Height: 1'07


Note: Puppeteer is a fake ability created to fit mega banette X.
Puppeteer - This Ability restricts movement of the user but allows them to summon a entity ( like a puppet ) that the user controls. /// This ability prevents the players body from moving or attacking however in exchange for this the ability user is able to summon a puppet which it has full control over.
( More Info regarding the "Puppeteer" ability )
- This ability does not make the player unbeatable, all it does is substitutes the players main body with a puppet
- The puppet can be defeated it has very low health ( 25 hp )
- The puppet can attack using Mega Banette X's moveset
- Whenever a puppet is destroyed another cannot be summoned for 15 seconds, The user will also lose 25 hp per puppet destroyed.
- The puppet's stats are the same as the main bodys stats

Pretty sure i am gonna get comments mentioning this ability is either unfair or is too gimicky so a few tid bits i would also like to mention is that...
-While this may seem unfair to opponent players this is a fairly easy to take care of as the opponent, Simply find the main body as it cannot move or defend itself other then through the use of puppets it is not hard to defeat.
-The distance the puppets may go from the main body is determined by the level of the user ( 1-25 = 100 studs ), ( 26-50 = 500 studs ), ( 50-99 = 1000 studs ), ( 100 = Anywhere ). 
( The stud distances may be changed if needed, If the player leaves the area they begin to fade away over the course of 10-15 seconds )
- Only a single puppet can be summoned at a time
- The puppet will see both its and the main bodys hp bars
-The Puppet has no time limit for use
- The ability may seem gimicky but honestly it aint hurting the game to have a few gimicks in it, it should play pretty well and it aint like anyone is forced to use it so if they do not wanna use it that is up to them
( Also most of these alternate stats such as the stud distance and how much damage the main body takes when a puppet body is destroyed can be decided through the comments )
( Design for the puppet is simply the white hand you find in lavender town )
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• 12/30/2014

Questionable State

After playing a few ROBLOX games, I began to worry. In each game, there would almost always be a script kiddie. With the existence of cheat engine and other exploiting programs, it's hard to make a good game these days without the players ruining it.
I don't really know what to do right now. PAX'14, in its current state, is vulnerable to exploits. I'm in a conflicted state where I'm deciding on a couple of options: I could just continue the game, but risk the large danger that script kiddies will invade my game just like back then in the older PAX(s), or I could restart the entire game from scratch (for the 20th time) to accommodate to the use of FilteringEnabled, a feature that prevents most types of exploits but pretty much breaks PAX'14. A lot of work was already put into the game too.
What do you suggest?
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• 12/9/2014


Im opened for any advise or criticism
im thinking that i should make its tail bigger and its yellow part
and what about you?
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• 12/9/2014

PAX Twitter

Due to lack of attention to the wiki, I have created a Twitter page for PAX. This way, you can be notified of news and other stuff there. The wiki will still be used of course; the Twitter page is just an alternative for those who don't know how to navigate through the wiki to get the news.
Follow PAX @PokemonArenaX14 on Twitter!
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• 12/6/2014


k guise, even though none have of you have done anything value-related these past few months, read this.
Text91, whom some of you may know for being notorious for something in the past but I won't mention because that's irrelevant to this topic, has decided to finish almost every value. For all you lazy dr's, yes, this means values are pretty much done. Be sure to express your thanks.
Now for you model makers, I still expect work from you, so get working now.
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