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PaxFanHelper - M
• 3/8/2013

New background

We should make a new background for the wiki :3 One composed of new screenshots in game. 

The original and current wiki background: 



  • Must be .jpg, .png or .gif. The maximum file size is 150 kilobytes.
  • The background can be about anything relating to PAX. (NOT POKEMON ITSELF! Don't make a collage of pokemon from the anime, or DS games. If the background has pokemon in it, it has to be of pax. So if you want to draw it, make sure your pokemon are blocky like in pax.)
  • The current background is 638 by 399. So make sure the background's size is along those parameters.

PS: Wiki update. I changed the wiki theme back o black, its original color. Winter is over

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PaxFanHelper - M
• 3/8/2013

Personally speaking i like the black color scheme... c: ( Though hmm maybe white color scheme was good too )

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