Pokemon Arena X Wikia, Is here to help and to guide all new and veteran users of PAX. We are here to help you with whatever it is you may need help with, We spend a great deal of time trying to make this wikia up to date and truthful as possible, there are many different things we can help you find here including these below...

Top Story - We will bring you the latest news in the PAX world, and updates on any new Pokemon or extras.

Locations - We have a page entirely about the many different places in PAX, including info on items in those areas.

Badges - We have all the badges listed for those who wish to learn.

Special/Event/Shiny Pokemon - We have info on all sorts of Pokemon ranging from normal to shiny even Freakamon.

Secret Events - If you're wanting a possible new Pokemon maybe even a shiny then come on over to our Forbidden Islands page.

Recent updates mini - a small little info tid bit located at the bottom of the homepage, It serves to tell what pages have been changed and their type or status.

And much, much more... We have many different things and there's sure to be something that will catch your eye.

This wikia is dedicated to the well known Roblox game "Pokemon Arena X," created by Somerandomguysrg, On this wiki we have tons of info, pictures, locations, badges, and all sorts of other helpful things to help you in your gameplay experience. Our hard working Helpers are here very often and will be willing to answer any questions we may know the answer too. So please take a moment and give a look at the many different pages we have created for you and all the fans of PAX.