The game will feature two main modes: PvE and PvP. This page will specifically discuss PvE, or Adventure Mode.

Adventure Mode

In Adventure Mode, instead of going against each other, players will complete quests and missions while playing through a small storyline. This mode is the primary method of obtaining more Pokemon as well. 


Players can travel around in a party of four around maps. The option to create a group is given when one player, the leader, enters the map. Three other players can choose to join as members of the party. Each member's quest can be done as a group. The leader has the power to kick members out of the party(kicked member has 120 seconds to leave before being forced out).

When in a group, players will gain EXP and items together. However, enemy Pokemon are stronger to keep up with the amount of attackers. Fortunately, this means more EXP and higher chance of dropped rare items.


Each map is located separately from each other(similar to levels in Super Mario 64). Maps can vary from features such as enemies, quests, obtainable items, etc. 


Quests are objectives given by in-game NPC's. They are offered from quest boards and roaming NPC's in maps, usually requiring players to fulfill a specific task for a reward. Quests change from time to time and have to be completed before the specified deadline.