• REALsrg

    Look at teh date 8/13/2014


    BRUH, 2014

    NucIear_Hazard wrote at 8/14/2014 4:38 PM


    On 8/14/2014 at 4:16 PM, SomeRandomGuysrg wrote: I guess I can understand that. Mind doing the Slowpoke family then?

    On 8/14/2014 at 3:33 PM, NucIearHazard wrote: Hey, maybe I can give this job to someone else. His name is Shadowtherobloxian12, and he's made an incredible Pinsir you're willing to use for your game. I would definitely make my own, but that would only piss him off more... You see, he got angry after I told him the news of you requesting the Pinsir, because apparently he had JUST made the Pinsir, and he'd be calm if I hadn't made it... So... I hope you can respect this. You can just give me another job to do, I just don't wanna lose a gre…

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  • Supernob123


    July 24, 2014 by Supernob123

    Been drawing lately, this is for my random art if you wanna see what I've been doing lately.

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  • SoraIndigo

    Pokemon Mystery Universe also known as PMU is a online pokemon game that works like the PMD games.

    to find the game you must go download the installer from here ->

    There are a couple a bugs that they are trying to fix so be patient about it

    This blog is to show about the controls of the game and how to play it: 

    Movement: Arrow keys

    Run: Hold Shift to run

    Regular Attack: f key

    Pokemon moves: hold down either  W, A, S, or D keys and then press f to use the move

    Talking to NPCs: press f, then enter to continue the text

    ESC to go to menu/Exit Menu or options

    Enter to open up some commands when on the menu or situations in the game like when you are at the job board/area requiring the use of hm/saying yes or no.


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  • SoraIndigo


    October 26, 2013 by SoraIndigo

    Heres a true story about how i raged b/c of club nintendo.

    I put in my pokemon Y code and my brother gives me his but he has pokemon Y also so i can't put it

    i call club nintendo about making a family account so i can use multiple codes from the same game.

    they say i can't make it b/c i am 13 and not 18 so basicly i would have had to have my mom or dad make a family account before to add mine so i could use codes from the same game. and now i will ever get 500 coins to get the limited stock of 3ds XL charging cradle that comes out on halloween.

    the conclusion is that why the fuc do i need my freakin' parent to make a family account i mean seriously they wouldn't even do it because it wastes their time and they don't know how so now am stuck a …

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  • REALsrg

    Gen. 6 Showdown match

    October 12, 2013 by REALsrg

    Vs. DR:

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  • NOP Man

    Aarron1 is not responsible for any riots which may occur during these Episodes. Read at your own discretion

    Here, we inspect a wild Brabrabra in its natural habitat. Generally a species of solitude, they prefer not to be disturbed. They can become extremely violent when annoyed, and the main cause of annoyance is idiots such as the Purplechuwawa species. It is recommended that when you venture through PAX, you bring an Espeon for when in the line of fire of an enraged Brabrabra, your best course of action is to shout "Espe!" and release the Espeon. The word attracts them greatly and will soon get the Brabrabra off your tail... And onto two others.

    Join us next week, as we inspect a wild Rachelalpha.

    snarky comments hurr hurr

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  • PaxFanHelper - M
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  • Gamefreak776

    Get in the car.

    July 31, 2013 by Gamefreak776

    "Get in the car, ," said the stranger in the white van.

    "Who are you? How do you know me?", said .


    "But where are we going?", said

    "You'll see."

    • a few hours later*

    "...This place looks kinda run down..."


    "Esh, that building looks terrible...wait...wait who's that in the window..."


    • thunk thunk thunk*


    ", you knew this was coming."


    • thunk thunk thunk*

    "Hey. You got company.", said the stranger.

    • locks the door*


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  • PaxFanHelper - M

    Past/Future Cosplay Project: Duskull

    Series/Game/etc: Pokemon ( Generation 3 )

    Cosplay form: Gijinka ( Half Human/Half Pokemon [In-This-Case] )

    Species: Requiem Pokemon

    Pokemon Type: Ghost

    Pokedex: # 355

    Pokedex Entry: "A glare from its single scarlet eye makes even burly grown-ups freeze in utter fear. It is a nocturnal Pokémon that roams about under the cloak of darkness."

    Duskull Entry

    Main parts: Hoodie, Boots, Clothing, Belt

    Special stuff: Chocker, Will-o-Wisp, Contact lenses, Skull Mask

    Completion: 0 / 100%

    -Past Version-

    Info: This cosplay ( Different looking version ) was done already for "Youmacon 2012", Below is a reference picture to it.

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  • PaxFanHelper - M

    Future Cosplay Project: Drifloon

    Series/Game/etc: Pokemon ( Generation 4 )

    Cosplay form: Gijinka ( Half Human/Half Pokemon [In-This-Case] )

    Species: Balloon Pokemon

    Pokemon Type: Ghost/Flying

    Pokedex: # 425

    Pokedex Entry: "These Pokémon are called the "Signpost for Wandering Spirits." Children holding them sometimes vanish."

    Drifloon Entry

    Main parts: Wig, Top Hat, Outfit, etc

    Special stuff: Contact lenses, and Possibly drifloon ( balloon )

    Completion: 0 / 100%

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  • JigglypuffJigglypoof

    A hacker was here!

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  • JigglypuffJigglypoof

    A LOT of people don't use grammar on the internet. That makes me mad a bit. c:

    Lots of people don't even KNOW they were breaking the rules. Which I always see.

    People who DO know the Rules don't follow them..

    I don't liek peeps doint this --->

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  • NOP Man

    I was thinking

    June 7, 2013 by NOP Man

    Just get like

    a bunch of people

    Me, Mike, Srg, DR, anyone who wants to really

    and do some livestreams (PAX Group is advertisement) at random times where we muck around doing... things

    I don't know, making a world on a Personal Server

    and be idiots the whole time

    and get speech jammers or moderators or shet to make it more interesting

    and don't give me explosions


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  • PaxFanHelper - M

    Future Cosplay Project: Enderman

    Series/Game/Etc: Minecraft

    Cosplay Form: Gijinka ( Half Human/Half Enderman )

    Species: Mob

    Hobby: Taking blocks, and such

    Drops: Ender Pearls ( 0 - 1 )

    Enderman Entry

    Main Parts: Wig, Outfit, Glasses, Eye Contacts, Etc

    Special Parts: Block of Grass or something else.

    Completion: 0 / 100%

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  • NOP Man

    Illegal Login

    June 1, 2013 by NOP Man

    Well, somebody has illegally logged in to my Account and removed me from all my groups, deleted my blurb and forced my Account to join -=[Spetsnaz]=-

    Report it now.

    I don't even remember all of my Groups so I can't rejoin them.

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  • NOP Man

    Location: Route 4

    On every weekday.

    Warning: My naming methods are bizarre.

    Current Team:

    Serroot "Serz" (Servine) F

    Apollo (Emolga) M

    Heise (Chandelure) M

    Aki (Dragonair) M

    Pikorque (Dewott) M

    Nelmi (Glaceon) M

    Boxed (nicknames not present):

    Seviper, Silcoon

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  • AngelBlah

    About me :D

    May 21, 2013 by AngelBlah

    Meh account on roblox :  angel46417

    Meh 3ds friend code :    2621-3361-1324

    Im epic liek that :D


    You love me and★☆★ I love u :P ★☆★ And u know it

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  • NOP Man

    "Youngster Pi would like to battle!"


    "You chose Snivy, that means the leader will use Fire-types...

    Have a Silcoon!

    It can use Water-type moves, I think!"

    "Team Plasma Jimmy would like to battle!

    Forever alone

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  • REALsrg

    Possible New Type?

    May 14, 2013 by REALsrg

    In the recent Pokemon Smash, a whole thing happened where someone dressed up as Sylveon reacted to different objects, which pertained to types. (Ex: Broke block of ice = Strong to ice)

    Quoted from the Bulbagarden Facebook page, "During the Eevee-Akiyama friends segment of Pokémon Smash earlier today, it was heavily implied that Sylveon is strong against Ice types, and weak against Poison types."


    "For those who haven't seen the segment, it had the team (cosplaying as Eeveelutions) trying to figure out Sylveon's type. First, Shoko (playing Sylveon) pulled out some Nunchucks....but then got shoved inside a drum by a big burly guy, implying Sylveon is not a Fighting type, and in fact is probably weak to them. Next, she broke a block of ice. A…

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  • PaxFanHelper - M

    Basically think of this as well, A pax personal... no this is not in the game this is just a funny idea i came up with while with some friends today so i figured i would make basically a character with moves, and such that would fit into pax.

    Like i said it is NOT real. ( Well the thing being in game aint real slenderman yea he is always watching though )

    Persona: Slender Man

    Type: ??? ( ??? is a actual typing )

    Health: 950-1000

    Weakness/Advantage: Poison is super effective, Ghost/Psychic/Dark do half, and all other do regular. Does not have any advantages other then immunity to freeze inducing attacks.

    Height: N/A ( His body can shrink back in forth in legend so height can be practically anything )

    Weight: N/A

    Species: Slender Being

    Origin: Myths and Le…

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  • REALsrg

    For those who don't know, Pokemon Generations is a free-to-play 3D Pokemon indie game. It features anime-styled real-time battles, unlike the traditional turn-based RPG's.

    The game is in its very early stages and there are a few glitches.

    If you wanna check it out, here's the link to the download and info:

    Not sure how to play?

    • To move as a trainer, use the WASD or Arrow keys.
    • To start a battle, send out your Pokemon with the Tab key and click on an opponent's Pokemon.
    • To move in a battle, also use WASD(as of v.2.0).
    • To attack in a battle, use the 1, 2, 3, 4 keys(and click, depending on the attack).
    • To move the camera, hold the right mouse button.

    For more general info on the game, here is the link to the wiki: …

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  • REALsrg

    Look at us...

    May 10, 2013 by REALsrg

    Look at us, yourself, humanity... We are all scared little children now... Whatever happened to the glorious days? The days without technology. Nowadays, everyone has a phone, they text in class, they have access to every book in the Library of Congress at their fingertips. What happened to going outside, hiking, climbing trees, the world?

    Coogr writes a post about possible scenarios, describing the effect of each depending on the time period.

    1958 - Nothing. He wasn't born/created yet.

    2013 - He goes back to playing League of Legends.

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  • Gamefreak776

    Look at us...

    May 9, 2013 by Gamefreak776

    Look at us, yourself, humanity... We are all scared little children now... Whatever happened to the glorious days? The days without technology. Nowadays, everyone has a phone, they text in class, they have access to every book in the Library of Congress at their fingertips. What happened to going outside, hiking, climbing trees, the world?

    Aaron goes hunting before school and then pulls into the school parking lot with his shotgun in his truck's gun rack.

    1958 - Vice Principal comes over, looks at Aaron's shotgun, goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Aaron. They then bask and talk about their kills and start shooting nearby pigeons and see who is better.

    2012 - School goes into lock down, FBI called, Aaron hauled off to jail and never …

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  • SoraIndigo

    There was a boy named Raymond he was 15 years old. He lived in Sacramento, California that failed to become perfect, so basically there was only trickery with everyday dark. He had a computer that he liked to call “Device”. One day though, his younger sister went on it and the computer crashed because she downloaded a virus. Raymond was very unhappy.He was even more mad; with his face red like a tomato he stormed out his house. While he knew he was going to get blamed by his mother because his Device crashed when really it was his sister’s fault. while walking to the the computer repair shop he saw his friend whom called himself Purple. Purple asked what was wrong. Then Raymond explained with an upset tone he said, “My device crashed! you …

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  • SoraIndigo

                                                       The Story of the Device

        There was a boy named Raymond he was 15 years old. He lived in a world that failed to become perfect so basically there was only trickery. He had a computer which he liked to call “the device” because a computer is a device. One day though, his younger sister went on it and the computer crash because she downloaded a virus. Raymond was very unhappy more so he was mad with his face red like a tomato he stormed out his house. While he knew he was going to get blamed because his device crashed when really it was his sister’s fault. while walking to the the computer repair shop he saw his friend which he called himself Purple. Purple asked what was wrong then Raymond …

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  • Diabloshadow

    Reicou - was quite enjoyable to watch have a "conversation" with another slob

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  • Gamefreak776

    That was the sickest game ever! And no, i don't mean sick as in awesome. I mean sick as in revolting! I got lost after the rule where you must leave 1 pokemon behind. Why doesn't Emolga hop along with Umbreon and Espeon? And Bittercold... Another fake "Pokemon"—yes i know its not a Pokemon. Looks like srg is gonna add another personal Pokemon @.@. It shall gain HP and attack power whenever someone spams, all capps, kills, etc.

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  • Diabloshadow

    Cant playing League of Legends

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  • Gamefreak776

    "OMG! Did you see??? He bumped into me! I am never cleaning this shirt ever again!"

    Is there someone in your life that you feeling magnetized to? Do you go into the shower drains and steal his or her fallen hair? Do you take pictures of him/her and post it on the collage of aforementioned pictures on your wall? Do you have a shrine in your room devoted to this person and believe he is your king, your leader, your master... your GOD? Then you, my friend, have Stalkergitis! (A portmanteu of the world Stalker, a person who follows someone around, and gitis, meaning sickess.} Yes, you should be worried.

    "Why won't you love meeee!?!?!?!?!"

    Being a stalker isn't all fun and games. Sometimes you lose your target. Sometimes he/she gets into a relatio…

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  • PaxFanHelper - M

    Future Cosplay Project: Banette

    Series/Game/etc: Pokemon ( Generation 3 )

    Cosplay form: Gijinka ( Half Human/Half Pokemon [In-This-Case] )

    Species: Marionette Pokemon

    Pokemon Type: Ghost

    Pokedex: # 354

    Pokedex Entry: Strong feelings of hatred turned a puppet into a Pokémon. If it opens its mouth, its cursed energy escapes.

    Banette Entry

    Main parts: Contact lenses, Wig, Zipper (Mouth), Ear Rings, etc

    Special stuff: Creepy looking "Will-o-Wisps", that hang around body.

    Completion: 0 / 100%

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  • SoraIndigo
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  • Jinx666

    Hey guys its Jinx

    This blog is about what pokemon you could use for battles, pokemon hunting, rp etc 

    lets start and feel free to put your own pokemon to use


    BEEDRILL: quite fast, probably good at playing villain in rps, but its best bit is for battling. Its special move Poison jab  can hit the enemy very hard and also may leave a poison on the foe. it also reloads very quick.

    ACCELGOR: Good moveset, ok at rp, but best bit is the speed. Accelgor is the second fastest pokemon on PAX (after ninjask apparently) and could get pokemon twice as fast than a normal pokemon

    DUGTRIO: Very fast, perfect moveset  with dig and earthquake, very hard to catch and get to in battles.

    GARCHOMP: Fast, good attacking pok…

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  • Artanos

    You guys might already know that i am doing 8-bit art on Sandblox. For those who didn't know: now you do ! So i decided to make this Blog about my Work :) PS: I AM TAKING REQUESTS :P




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  • BeemoandFlambo

    Hackers List.

    March 27, 2013 by BeemoandFlambo

    From this day, who found a Hacker. List them here.

    • MliAcc
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  • PaxFanHelper - M

    Alright so to start with this whole page will be a dedicated "Review" of sorts of the Stats Page and a few possible idea's of my own on this, First i would like to say i am not trying to give idea's, or anything like that no this page is just basically my personal idea's of things that could be possible with each different thing on the stats page.

    And now on to my review of the "Stats page"

    When i first took a look at this on the stats page i had a few ideas that originally came to mind along with this so for now i will in no way of order list these below.

    • A player's level's main purpose is to unlock more Pokemon/evolve. It also changes the movesets of certain Pokemon.

    My first thoughts on this are, Movesets changing... Now personally this of…

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  • Jinx666


    March 16, 2013 by Jinx666

    Since the hunger bar had been updated on PAX

    Thing were very good

    ,but on every server on PAX i hear at least oe person say "i hate the new hunger bar" "hunger bar y u make me faint" "hunger bar is so annoying".

    now im not complaining here but i want to see what u guys think either

    Hunger Bar should be deleted

    More berries trees and food should appear all around the map 


    We should leave it as it is.

    What do u guys think?

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  • PachirisuPlusEmolga

    I don't want any pity i just want to say HOW BAD IT SUCKS to be sick. I have been sick since saturday which is a "ear infection"  that is in my ear (duh) but its a different kind of infection in which is hides in my ear while its little minions seek and destroy my poor little white blood cells...Because of that it gives me a mix of influenza, strep, bronchial virus' and many other kinds of things. I just want to know. What kind of flipped up virus hides in your ear and has its minions attack your body? Like really, Its like a king and his army. Just sits around all day being fat as its minions attack poor defenseless people... I just don't want to wish this on anybody. So yeah... How was your day :P

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  • SoraIndigo
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  • PachirisuPlusEmolga

    Why is all the trivia on the Pokémon filled with trivia from like bulbapedia or normal Pokémon facts...shouldn't they be filled with facts about the respective Pokémon with PAX facts? Like: Kingdra is a ranged fighter etc.

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  • SoraIndigo

    If YOU want to challenge me my name is SoraIndigo on it to look for it easier click and hold CTRL+ F and type my name in the box. If it says 0 out of 0 then am not on

    wins: 51

    Against Dmal:

    Against Clutter:

    Against Droct:

    Against Droct (rematch):

    Against Soul Burn:

    Against PURPLE123454321:

    Against PURPLE123454321(rematch):

    Against PURPLE123454321(another rematch):

    Against SuperBRB: http://pokemon…

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  • REALsrg

    PAX Stowee 5

    March 7, 2013 by REALsrg

    Because PAX Stowee 4 was non-canon, the great SRG decided to write an alternate ending to PAX Stowee 3. 

    Raymond sux.

    The End

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  • NOP Man

    PAX Stowee 4

    March 6, 2013 by NOP Man

    The Great Srg is using his game to secretly record videos of you all.

    He then watches them and does "bad" things while doing so.

    From this, he got a great idea to install devices into his Pokemon bodies to secretly violate all of you players.

    Theee eeend.

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  • REALsrg

    PAX Stowee 3

    March 6, 2013 by REALsrg

    Cooger was sad. Rained poured down on him as he walked down the dark streets.

    The great SRG had rejected Cooger's love. He told Cooger, "SHADAP" and pushed him away.

    But one day, everything changed.

    The qq guy was just finished with his daily session of Jynx breeding videos. "DAYUM DAT WUZ HAWT", he said. The qq guy then decided to play Pokemon Arena X. Coincidentally, he landed on Cooger's server.

    Cooger noticed the new player that had joined. "LET'S GU MEET HIM", he said. Just as he was walking up to the qq guy, his heart started beating faster and faster. He fell in love with the qq guy.

    The qq guy saw him and said "HAI COOG". Cooger responded with "HAI DERE SHMEXEH". Then they made out, virtually. 

    And thus, ODing in Roblox was born.


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  • NOP Man

    PAX Stowee 2

    March 5, 2013 by NOP Man

    There once was a little boy called Coog.

    He fell in love with the great Srg.

    THE END.

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  • REALsrg

    PAX Stowee

    March 5, 2013 by REALsrg

    Let me tell you a tale about a little boy by the name of Raymond embarked on his very first journey in the world of Pokemon Arena X.

    Poor Raymond only had 3 Pokemon when he started. But because he was able to evolve them, he gained 6 more.

    As time passed, the great Arceus created more Pokemon and even expanded the world. Raymond became very happy(and gay(which means happy)). And because he was happy, he made new friends. One of them had a girl's name starting with an R, one was very slow, one was crazy and liked the number 70, and another liked this one weird japanese shooting game.

    So one day, they participated in a tournament and that one guy that liked that japanese game won. Because of his victory, the great Arceus changed the first 2 let…

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  • PachirisuPlusEmolga


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  • NOP Man

    Random-Black Nuzlocke

    March 1, 2013 by NOP Man
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  • Darkraimaster1234


    March 1, 2013 by Darkraimaster1234

    Hi guys on here i'm darkraimaster1234 but on roblox i'm actually wagon6662 i'm a champion in pax and a chat mod on the wiki and if your ever in need of finding legendaries in pax tell me i'll gladly help :3

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  • PachirisuPlusEmolga


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  • PachirisuPlusEmolga

    Shiny Pokémon continue to appear as more trainers obtain "shiny charms".

    Several Pichu experiance random fart attacks in which they expel gas at innapropriate moments.

    Srg robs a Pingas factory in florida and donates Pingas' to all boys and girls across the world so they may enjoy Pingas'.

    Pikachu is labeled as too mainstream, yet the majority of Pokémon fans admit to Charizard as "CHARIZURD ERZ BERST PERKERMERN".

    Kanto's Pikachu are shown to be more flabby and fat then other regions. Meanwhile Unova which is based on America and mostly New York City have Pikachu with the least amount of fat...Does this mean that the people in Kanto eat to little and the people in Unova eat to much? That certainly explains why Cilan and his brothers are overly…

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