T-Shirt Unlocked Pokemon

Some Pokemon are unlocked by purchasing a T-Shirt from SomeRandomGuysrg. They are nicknamed "DLC". These Pokemon are usually not real Pokemon and made just for fun. You must wear the T-Shirt in-game in order to use the Pokemon. All Pokemon (with the exception of Pink Pokemon and Snowman Pikachu/Torchic) appear in the Missingno. section (the last page of the selection screen).


Venustoise and Mongoose

This T-Shirt includes Mongoose and a combination of a Blastoise and a Venusaur: Venustoise! Buy the shirt here!

Porygon0 and Giant Porygon

Both of these Pokemon are unlocked by buying this T-Shirt. The Giant Porygon has a seat to allow transportation. Porygon0, a special Porygon created from an experiment in the anime, has a zero on its head and a unique move. Buy the shirt here!


This Pokemon is an illusion created by Mismagius. The moves used are ones that Mismagius can use. Buy the shirt here!


This Pikachu used to be Ash Ketchum. However, he was turned into a Pikachu by a witch. Buy the shirt here!


Snowlax the Snowman! He was a very jolly Snorlax. He is a Snorlax with light blue skin and cold toes! The doctors could not heal him so now he is cursed forever...! Buy the Shirt here!

Mewtwo Clones

These are clones that Mewtwo created from Pokemon DNA. The shirt include clones of: Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise. They are renowned to be strong. They have marks all over their bodies and come with powerful attacks that their regular counterparts don't have. Buy the Shirt here!

Pink Pokemon

CLICK HERE TO BUY THE T-SHIRT! This will unlock Pink Diglett, Pink Caterpie, Pink Oddish (currently doesn't unlock: Pink Pidgey, Pink Nidoran (Male), Pink Nidoking, and Pink Rhyhorn

Unreleased DLC T-Shirts

Older Known T-Shirts not able to be obtained.

Game Pass Pokemon

These passes can be bought from the front page of the game. (Below the "Play" button.) They are used to obtain things within the game in a similar manner to the T-Shirt Unlocked Pokemon

Silver Wing

The Silver Wing which is Here, Is used to obtain Lugia. Once purchased go to Silver Trench, the underwater cave located under Eon Island. Touch the small platform to obtain it.

Snowman Pokemon "DLC"

Function: Unlocks Snowman Pikachu and Snowman Torchic
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Link: Click here

Cost: 4 Robux OR 40 tix