Note: There are currently no values to work on.

This guide is to teach contributors how to do values. Keep track of not only the pictures, but the words as well. If an image is cut off by the page, click on the image to see it full size. If you want to help, tell me your gmail address.

On Google Drive, in the folder PAX Shared Files, find the file called BulbasaurBase.rbxm and download it. There's no viruses if you're really that afraid. Once you downloaded it, drag it into a new blank place in ROBLOX Studio.


In Studio, find the Explorer Tab(circled in picture).


Now click that little arrow next to Workspace, unless it's already open.


Find Bulbasaur and open it. Since you're not going to be making a Bulbasaur value, rename it to the Pokemon you are making a value for. Remember, capitalization and spelling are important. To rename something, click the object once, then click it again after a second.


Now on your web browser, go to On the little tab, find Pokedex XY and click it. Then find the Pokemon you're making a value of in the dropdown boxes.


On Studio, click on any value. In the picture, the example is Ability1. Find the Properties tab, located directly under the Explorer tab, and find Value. That's where you will input the corresponding data. Remember this part, because you will need it for every value.


Find each of the labeled parts of the site and enter the information on the matching values' Value property. Again, remember that spelling and capitalization are important. Label them exactly as they say on the site.


After you've finished the values shown above, find the value called "Moves" and open it.


Notice the values called by numbers or ones called TM. These names are how the Pokemon learns a move. The number ones are the level up moves, the TM ones are the moves learned by TM, the Tutor ones are those learned by tutor, the Event ones are those learned from events(although not many Pokemon learn moves from events, so it isn't always needed), and the Egg ones are those learned from hatching eggs. In the Properties tab, find the Value property and input the name of the move. If you ran out of values to name/use, right click a move value and click Duplicate. It should instantly copy and paste a new move value for you to use.


The final step is to upload it to Google Drive. On Studio, right click the very top value and click Save to File... Name it as the Pokemon and on Drive, drag that file into whichever Gen. folder it belongs in.

If you're still having trouble, ask people for help(REALsrg, ThisMidget, PaxHelperFan M).