This family consist of Munchlax and Snorlax.


This Pokemon evolves by feeding it 10 berries from a trainer. It's on the Generation 4  page of the Selection Screen.


This Pokemon is achieved by evolving Munchlax. It's located on the Generation 1 page of the Selection Screen.


Snowlax the Snowman! He was a very jolly Snorlax. He is a Snorlax with light blue skin and cold toes! The doctors could not heal him so now he is cursed forever...! You can unlock this Pokemon by buying the shirt in the link below. Buy the Shirt here! This Pokemon appears in the MissingNo. Section of the selection screen.


  • Normally other forms of Pokémon (DLC's, Shinies, Extra's.) have more health then its normal form but snowlax has less then snorlax.