Hello and Welcome to my Blog called "Beeing part of a community" 

In this Blog i will tell you how it is like to be in a community, explain what a community is and what it needs to grow and run smoothly.

First of all, what is a community? A community is a group of people (small or big group) with the same favourite thematics like Games, Animes and Mangas, Music and even Books. There are 2 kinds of communities. Online communities and communities that meet each others in their normal life. But there are also communities that only exist online but also meet each others for offline gamings for example. A very good example is the game Super Smash Brothers. There is the online community called Smash World Forums which are also often meeting up for games on LANs and at other peoples places. 

What does a community need? It needs people that join the community. People that help the community grow by inviting other People by going on Festivals and advertise there, or by telling friends about it, which will tell their friends and they, then again, tell their friends. Then it needs people that take care about it. community Managers for example. It's their job to make community members feel as comfortable as possible by helping them, answering their  questions and lots of other things. And then, the most essencial thing about the community, is their members. A community can only grow if it has people that are actually part of it. 

So How can you be part of a community? You can be part of a community by only signing up and beeing active on a website or a forum. You can be a greater help to a community by bringing up good ideas, moderating it and a few other things.

Coming soon: what it#s like to be part of a community, stay tuned ;)