The Life as a Pokemon

You think being a Pokemon is fun and easy. However, it's beyond something else: It's horrendous! You all have to scavenge for your own food, sleep in dirt some of us unprosperous beings, don't forget the raids! OH NO! The raids! Armies of Pawniards and Bisharps come every day threatening to destroy us if we don't surrender the resources we attained. The environment is becoming scarce. Chips of Oran Berries are all that we have. Nothing wants to grow in this damn land. Oh Arceus, please not abandon us with Tamato Berries. Not even the wretched, fiends won't take those, as it will burn there guts till dawn. If we do not meet their criterion, they will take one of my brethren away! I've yet to see any of my brothers and sisters return home! I do not wish to know what happened to them!

For those who are unlucky, they get enslaved in this spherical red and white thing them humans call a "Pokeball". Once they are inside, they are bound to these monsters forever. Sometimes the humans release the captive out, only to command the victim to forcefully attack us. I have not mastered their jibberish language. All I can make out is, "I'll catch 'em all!", "I'll catch 'em all!' From what research I've gathered, they feed them brown cylindrical things called Pokefood. I've watched captured Pokemon eat this so-called delight: disgust and convulsion results. 

No matter how mistreated we are, we will soon shine in the light. I, Caterpie von Boogerdumb IV, have obtained a device the humans call "a gun" We've raided cities till we could collect more. We plan to utilize their power to vanquish any Pokemon who dares to get in our way in one shot. Not even Arceus will fear me! The time has come for a new order! Soon the world will be cleansed of its impuirty! The Revolution has begun!