Fun Stuff

Alder admits he is 75.

Speculants spectate that gen 6 will introduce the light or sound type while several Pokéveterans suggest Lava or Molten.

The dragon type will not have an official energy card until gen 6.

Marill are really fat pichu that fell in blue and white paint then had their tail get stuck in a door.

Dragonite admits he has been trying to loose weight for years after seeing the Pikachu weight watchers commercial.

The Daily Mind Fawk

This newspaper will be done almost every day.

Aarron1 admits to have originally been a fan of Seviper Gomez meanwhile secretly shipping her and Justin Bibarel
Justin Bibarel singing Bidoof.

Justin Bibarel.


SandileFan102 is really Sandile.

Pokémon are actually everyones imaginary friends and thats why ash never ages because his imaginary friends have manifested themselves and are holding him back into his childhood.

Chuck Norris admits to using ditto as a stunt double in all of his films and public appearances at his public appearance at a Pokémon center last Sunday.

Seviper Gomez

Sssseviper Gomezzzz

Local Weather

Hoenn is being repaired. Kanto is suffering from a lack of food. Johto has overstock of food. Sinnoh has sunny and chilly weather with a slight snow drift. Unova is under attack from flying Grumpigs.

Pachi's Pick

Today I played Pokémon Platinum and remembered how fun it was to use myself against Pikachu...Always stealing my spotlight...

Emolga's Errands

Today I went to Toys 'R' Us and was shocked to see that there were 120 other Emolga's there. Then I remembered I walked into a kids mirror section. Then I ate pizza. It tasted like crap on cardboard. Then I remembered I only eat berries, nuts and Pokémon food.