Fun Stuff

Shiny Pokémon continue to appear as more trainers obtain "shiny charms".

Several Pichu experiance random fart attacks in which they expel gas at innapropriate moments.

Srg robs a Pingas factory in florida and donates Pingas' to all boys and girls across the world so they may enjoy Pingas'.

The Daily Mind Fawk

Pikachu is labeled as too mainstream, yet the majority of Pokémon fans admit to Charizard as "CHARIZURD ERZ BERST PERKERMERN".

Kanto's Pikachu are shown to be more flabby and fat then other regions. Meanwhile Unova which is based on America and mostly New York City have Pikachu with the least amount of fat...Does this mean that the people in Kanto eat to little and the people in Unova eat to much? That certainly explains why Cilan and his brothers are overly obsessed with food.

Pollution effects thousands of Pokémon per day and only one Pokémon has been shown to fully adapt to these conditions are Bidoof and Bibarel...Meaning one day all Pokémon will be Bidoof. All starters will be Bidoof and all legendaries will be Bidoof. This also means that Justin Bibarel will be here for a long time....Kill me now lord. Kill me now. And now for your local weather.

Local Weather

Kanto has snow, again. Johto is experiancing some showers and mild temp. Hoenn's population has dropped 40% most likely from the Tornados, Floods and Droughts. Sinnoh has major power outages from Jubilife to Eterna city and ironically Thunder storms. Unova has partially cloudy and also raining Feebas.

Pachi's Pick

zzzzzZzzz(Giggles)zzZZzzzZz. OH HAI. Today I took a nap.

It was good.

And I drew a mustache on Emolga when he went to sleep.

Emolga's Errands

Today I drew a mustache on Pachirisu's face and played in the remainder of snow. Then it poured rain and I got sick...that damned Kyogre....And Politoad....then I went to the doctor got me some medicine and went to sleep.