Let me tell you a tale about a little boy by the name of Raymond embarked on his very first journey in the world of Pokemon Arena X.

Poor Raymond only had 3 Pokemon when he started. But because he was able to evolve them, he gained 6 more.

As time passed, the great Arceus created more Pokemon and even expanded the world. Raymond became very happy(and gay(which means happy)). And because he was happy, he made new friends. One of them had a girl's name starting with an R, one was very slow, one was crazy and liked the number 70, and another liked this one weird japanese shooting game.

So one day, they participated in a tournament and that one guy that liked that japanese game won. Because of his victory, the great Arceus changed the first 2 letters of his name to qq. He liked the name. He really did.

From then on they became the great Arceus's slaves and were even given great powers(of having to deal with noobs all the time.). 

So on another one day, the qq guy confessed he likes to watch how Pokemon breed with other Pokemon. Especially when there is a Jynx participating. Raymond, having heard of this, became curious and went and watched several clips of Buff Digletts breeding. This motivated Raymond. He began watching more until his device displayed 404.

Raymond's device had died. He blamed his sister by saying that she downloaded Miencrap on it.

Poor Raymond.

Poor, poor Raymond.


And that is Raymond's journey through the lands of PAX.


"I give it a 10 out of 10!" -Guest1

"Srg can I read? :o" -elelighty


Overall Score: 9001/10