Cooger was sad. Rained poured down on him as he walked down the dark streets.

The great SRG had rejected Cooger's love. He told Cooger, "SHADAP" and pushed him away.

But one day, everything changed.

The qq guy was just finished with his daily session of Jynx breeding videos. "DAYUM DAT WUZ HAWT", he said. The qq guy then decided to play Pokemon Arena X. Coincidentally, he landed on Cooger's server.

Cooger noticed the new player that had joined. "LET'S GU MEET HIM", he said. Just as he was walking up to the qq guy, his heart started beating faster and faster. He fell in love with the qq guy.

The qq guy saw him and said "HAI COOG". Cooger responded with "HAI DERE SHMEXEH". Then they made out, virtually. 

And thus, ODing in Roblox was born.